Nathaniel Kliphan

Database Administrator / Backend Developer

On paper Nathaniel is Midnight Corporation's database and system administrator. If you ask the people who work with him, though, they're more likely to describe him as a data guru or an information wizard. Or both. With over a decade of professional experience in technology solutions, Nathaniel brings order to chaos. He's the guy you want when you need to turn data into information.

Nathaniel's tenure as an all-around technology guru started early. During his high school years he earned high honors in through his school's vocational computer program. He used his newly learned skills to help implement a software solution to simplify and streamline the maintenance and deployment of workstations at his alma mater. From there he went on to earn a B.A. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Maine in Augusta.

Over the following years he gained a broad knowledge base, including desktop support, Linux Server Administration, PHP, MySQL, and C++. His most notable areas of mastery, however, are data management and Linux systems management. These skills were crucial during his tenure as Database Administrator and Systems Administrator in an industry leading direct response company. Here he was part of a team that conceived of and created a powerful SaaS proprietary platform from the ground up. During an intense 18 months Nathaniel worked his magic, visualizing data and playing an integral role in bringing the platform to life, mastering such tools as Pentaho and other “Big Data” players.

Today Nathaniel is Midnight Corporation's System and Database Administrator. On paper he maintains and audits server security while bringing ideas to fruition using MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript. He also uses his extensive experience with Pentaho and other big data tools to effectively manage large amounts of information. But again, the reality is a little deeper. Nathaniel breathes life into raw data, turning it into something you can use. He brings big data down to size, creating the information you need to turn problems into solutions.

When not plying his craft at the keyboard, you'll probably find Nathaniel repairing and restoring retro video game equipment.