Matthew Opuda

Project Manager, Security Auditor, Founder

Matthew is a project manager with a sixth sense for ideas. His decade of experience in IT operations and security honed his skills for understanding problems, uncovering solutions, and guiding thoughts into reality. As the business analyst and project manager of Midnight Corporation, Matthew cultivates momentum. His combination of technical knowledge and management skills let him facilitate communication while troubleshooting problems before they slow a project down.

Matthew's knack for bringing out great performances became apparent in his role as a Senior IT Technician for an inbound call center. There he provided remote support for 100 work-from-home agents and 10 administrative and executive staff. His ability to understand and translate complicated concepts made him an accomplished trainer, significantly improving set up times for new users.

In 2009 Matthew transitioned to a role as Director of Information Systems at Listen Up Espanol. Here he provided in-house support and training for a number of key systems. He also helped assemble and coached the software development team that successfully designed and delivered an ambitious SaaS proprietary platform. While overseeing this project and streamlining communications between his team and executives, he also elevated the end product by significantly improving its security and integration.

Today Matthew keeps the Midnight Corporation team running smoothly. He gets stuff done. He's good at that. He's also good at helping clients understand their problem more fully. By delving into the context surrounding an issue and leveraging his extensive experience in technology and development, Matthew connects the dots to create a solution. His on the ground experience and ongoing study of project management, strategic planning, and business analysis give him a bird's eye view of what it really takes to bring a solution to life. The result? A smooth transition from a client's vision to reality.

But it's not enough for things to be done smoothly - they also need to be done well. As he guides clients and his team through each project, Matthew always looks for ways to improve processes. By constantly seeking efficiencies and encouraging regular reflection, he keeps the Midnight Company on track in their mission: solving problems effectively, completely, and for good.

When not wrangling developers and streamlining solutions, Matthew is probably indulging his passion for learning. You'll find him reading, enjoying a cup of tea (or a glass of scotch), or spending time with his wife and two dogs.