Folks who grow up in Maine learn about the value of hard work early in life.

90% of Maine is covered in forest, over 17.8 million acres of it – that’s more coverage by percentage than any other state. Thanks to the sustainable management and hard work of our foresters and lumbermen, it produces over 600 million cords of wood each year. Much of what isn’t forest in Maine is our working coast, the home of generations of people who work on and by the sea: lobstermen, fishermen, and the restaurateurs who form the backbone of our world-renowned seafood industry. It’s an industry the feeds people all over the globe, including the 38 million people who visit our state annually to experience our hospitality and take in our state’s rugged beauty. This is also to say nothing about all of the agricultural, automotive, and other hard working people who roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty each day to make it all happen.

When you’re from Maine, it means you’ve grown up with these people around you, and more often than not they’re your family. It rubs off. The state itself has plenty of lessons it will teach you as well, just for showing up: like how to prepare, bundle up, and deal with that 55 inches of snow that we get each year.

But here’s the thing - that education and upbringing will give you something else as well: a deep appreciation of a job well done, and a love of things that endure and last. We’re proud of those roots.

That's why we started The Midnight Corporation.

We chose the name as an homage to the many barrels of midnight oil we had burned together as a team. As we talked about the problems we were solving, a vision for an organization formed. A place where the drive, talent, and hard work of each contributor would be the very thing that created our success. We envisioned a company where accountability and personal growth were cornerstone values and the direct result of the pride of doing quality work. We also wanted a name that had a nice dystopian cyberpunk ring to it. So, hi - we're the Midnight Corporation.

The Midnight Corporation is a creative technology company.

That means we do a lot of things. We do graphic, web, and print design. We build brand identity. We handle custom software development, deployment, and support.  We set up infrastructure, audit technology security, handle the nuances of project management and the art of optimization.

Our focus is on building things of lasting value.

At our very core is a deep desire to impact businesses and people, to create sustainability and growth, and to foster new ideas and skills. We believe in growing people, in sharing knowledge and experience, and that in every situation awesome is possible. In aspiring to bring meaning to chaos and in creating the circumstances for others to achieve more than they thought they could, we aim to enkindle the flame of accomplishment.

And that is awesome.

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