Agency Support
Workloads vary, projects and support collide, and sometimes you need just a little bit of help to keep on top of it all. Our skillset is your skillset when we support your agency. We understand that you work hard for your clients and we can work in several models to make sure both your (and their) needs are fulfilled.
Intrusion Remediation

It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. No matter how hardened the system, an adversary can always find a way in eventually. We’ve spent years building the skillset to repair the damage caused by website malware, and the know-how to fix any flaws that let it happen.

Security Auditing
It’s hard to know how strong a wall is until it’s tested. We’ll walk through your systems, policies, and procedures with you, and make sure your company is as secure as you think it is. Studies routinely show that up to 80% of online applications have significant flaws. We can help you build and position your products and teams with best practice reviews, code reviews, and in depth security engagements like red / blue team exercises.
Policy Generation

Technology policies are the central pillar of good security: not only do they let your employees know what’s expected of them, they can be used to control against common threats. We’ll work with you to make sure your policy protects your company, without getting in your way.

Technical Mentorship

It’s always better to build the skills of your existing team. Teaching and mentoring is a passion of ours. Whether process driven or outcome driven, we’ll help grow your people the way you need them to grow so you can focus on growing your business.