Sean Adorno

Business Development, Marketing Strategist

Sean has created and launched content and technology businesses for over 20 years, including a software development company and a content creation company for the travel industry. He was also a pioneer in the Social Media industry building a business with over 5,000 clients worldwide. In 2012, he and his wife Ashley founded Digico Agency and have taken the Digital Marketing world by storm with over 20 employees located in Charleston, SC.

Sean founded Cruise Excursions in 1997. Cruise Excursions created content for cruise lines for locations all over the world including City/Port Information, Weather, Currency, Excursion information for all local excursion businesses and commercial areas including shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Sean co-founded Asoki corporation in 1998. Asoki created a software suite designed for traveling salespeople that provided automatic updates, backup, remote control and knowledge bases.

Sean was an early executive in HowStuffWorks and Mobil Travel Guide. He worked with the MBT team creating content to build out there website which included Travel Industry training for hotels looking to improve their ratings and improve their customer service. This business was purchased by The Discovery Channel for $250 million.

Sean is a true outdoorsman and loves mountain biking, mountaineering, kitesurfing, mountaineering, and bikepacking.