Michael Ackerson

Designer, Full Stack Developer, Founder

Michael has been working in information technology professionally since he was a teenager, and has been doing online marketing and enterprise software development since the mid-2000s. Although he has a broad base of general experience working on everything from business development to hardware projects, he’s quick to point out that his deepest area of focus is the front end and its design, usability, security, and implementation. Michael has a degree in digital media design from the University of Southern Maine.

Personally, Michael describes himself as a geek / artist / survivalist, and he can often be found exploring the woods of with his camera or building small robots. His personal site is michaelackerson.com, and he can also be found on linkedintwitter, and github.


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Sys Admin

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  • Security
    • Penetration testing
    • Best practices
    • Application hardening/auditing
  • Linux
    • Basic administration
    • Server provisioning
    • Ubuntu / CentOS
    • Apache / nginx 


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  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Plugin development
    • Workflow automation
    • Advanced print calibration and configuration
    • Advanced display calibration and configuration
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
    • Responsive design
    • Print design


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  • Networking
    • Cloud network provisioning
    • Physical network design
  • Windows
    • Desktop administration
    • Repair
    • System building
    • Basic IIS administration
  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • AWS
      • S3
      • ELB
      • EC2
    • DigitalOcean
    • Linode


Matthew Opuda

Security Auditor, Systems Administrator, IT Project Manager, Founder

Matthew started his IT career in 1986 during an open house showcasing the benefits of technology in schools. He was three at the time, so the presentation was fairly basic. Since then, Matthew has continued to refine the message that he began to understand those years ago: how we interact with technology determines its ability to improve our lives.
Matthew now focuses on managing projects by developing requirements with the client, and ensuring delivery of the project against those requirements. Matthew always looks first to the human element to drive the project to success, and believes strongly in the value of good process. Matthew holds the GSEC certification from GIAC
When not strategizing and planning, Matthew likes to spend his time reading on the deck with his dogs and a nice green tea.



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  • Project Management - PMI methodologies
    • Work Breakdown
    • Communications planning
    • Change Management Planning
    • Project Schedule Management
    • Scope Management Planning
  • Project Management - Agile/Scrum
  • Process development/documentation


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  • Information security policy
    • Effective policy writing and training
    • Password management
    • Physical Security
    • Browser/Certificate Training
    • Phishing Resistance
    • Mobile device security
    • Email


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  • Team Management
    • Professional development


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  • Desktop Support


Nathaniel Kliphan

Database Administrator / Backend Developer

Nate has been working professionally with technology solutions for 17 years. He began his professional career by implementing a software solution to simplify and streamline the maintenance and deployment of workstations at Hall-Dale high school. He has a broad knowledge base, including desktop support, network administration and maintenance, Linux Server Administration, PHP, MySQL, and C++ . Over time he has tailored his extensive skill set to focus on data management (with a focus on accuracy and integrity) and Linux systems management. Nate has completed his B.A. in Computer Information Systems from University of Maine Augusta.

When he's not working Nate enjoys repairing and restoring retro video game equipment.


Sys Admin

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  • Linux Systems Administration
    • Ubuntu
    • Debian
    • Arch
    • Manjaro
    • CentOS
  • Bash Shell Scripting


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  • MySQL Administration & Development
    • Slow Query Analysis & Optimization
    • Data Warehouse Design
    • Configuration Optimization
    • Schema Design & Implementation
    • Report Generation
    • Data Analysis


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  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • AWS
      • S3
      • ELB
      • EC2
      • RDS
    • DigitalOcean
  • Hosting Infrastructure
    • Cpanel / WHM


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  • PHP Development
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Basic Website Maintenance
  • WordPress Infection Remediation
  • Desktop Support



Design Genius, Front End Developer, Canadian

April has been a front end developer and graphic designer since the 90s, when putting together a website still included scissors and glue. She has worked for numerous agencies and freelance clients all over the world, and currently holds the title for Pickiest Designer Ever. April also has a great deal of experience in marketing, search engine optimization, and video production.

Her hobbies include knitting, aquatic botany, freshwater fishing, photography, and video games. April is a bit of a movie buff, enjoys camping in the Great White North, and collects fancy origami paper. She lives near Niagara Falls with her fiancée, cats, rats, and fish.


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  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • WordPress specialist
  • Web metrics analysis


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  • Responsive design
  • Print design
  • Web design
  • Typography
  • Usability
  • Visual problem solving


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  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photography
  • Video production


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  • Storytelling
  • Proofreading
  • Copywriting
  • SEO keyword integration